Bill Payment

Pay your bills any time of day from any place you have internet access with Bill Payment through Kish Bank OnLine Banking.  Save postage, time, and trees!

  • Pay all your bills in one place with only one password

  • Choose from which Kish account you want to make your payment

  • Pay anyone you would normally pay by check—any company or individual in the U.S.

  • Schedule future and repeating payments and avoid late fees (provided you have sufficient funds available in the account from which you are paying)

  • Keep a payment history

  • Receive electronic bills (E-Bills) from participating vendors/payees within Kish Bank OnLine Banking, then view, pay, or file them for recordkeeping.

  • Get email reminders when a payment is due, or to confirm that it has been sent

  • Create bill payment reports

  • Make a one-time Expedited or Overnight Check payment to a participating payee

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