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Notification of Potential Declined Kish Bank Check Card Transactions

We want to make clients aware of a technical issue affecting some Kish Bank Check Cards, which might cause some types of transactions to be declined. We have identified the problem and are working diligently to correct it as quickly as possible. The following information describes how this issue may affect you and what we are doing to support your card usage while we are working to correct it.

Check Card Use

Is it affected by the issue?

Credit Transactions
(you provide a signature to authorize a transaction)

YES, some may be affected
Because of the technical issue we identified, some Kish Check Card clients might experience a declined transaction when attempting to authorize a credit transaction at certain stores. If this happens to you, try using a debit transaction instead.

Debit Transactions
(you enter the PIN associated with your card to authorize a transaction)

NOT affected
Use this method for Check Card purchases if you experience issues with credit transactions.


NOT affected

Preauthorized Charges
(charges you set up to automatically charge your card on a recurring basis)

NOT affected


If you need help with your PIN, have any questions, or need Kish to provide a different solution for you, please call our toll free support line at 1-800-981-5474

Kish Bank support staff will also be monitoring all declined transactions and attempting to contact affected clients via their cell phone number to assist them. If you would like to verify that your cell phone number is on file with us, please contact the support line.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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