Loans & Credit

Our Commercial Relationship Managers and Business Bankers are members of your community and have a vested interest in the success of your business. All decisions are made locally, and our team takes the time to learn how your business operates so they can determine how to best help you grow and succeed—no matter the size of your business. Because we have a wide variety of loan product offerings, we have the ability to tailor custom solutions to meet your unique business needs.


Equipment and Term Loans

If you need to upgrade your existing facility or purchase equipment to help expand your operations, Kish Bank's equipment and term loans are available at competitive rates and fair terms.


Lines of Credit

Kish Bank's line of credit products range from revolving and commitment lines of credit to lines that can assist with the management of your inventory and accounts receivable.  A business line of credit gives you instant access to the extra cash you need to support immediate demands.


Commercial Real Estate

Ensuring that you have a facility that is conducive to your line of business and your customers' expectations is one of the keys to a successful operation. If you find yourself outgrowing your current place of business, wishing to open a new location, or renovating the one you have, our commercial real estate loans can provide the funding you need to achieve your growth goals.



Kish Bank is rooted in the heart of Central PA and we know the importance of offering loans and lines of credit specifically tailored to meet the needs of our local farmers. We have specially trained agricultural loan officers that can fit your operation with the correct loan products to help you sustain and grow your business.



Clients in certain professions, such as doctors, attorneys, and business owners, often have unique borrowing needs and limited time to manage finances. If a situation arises where you need to borrow funds, we are committed to ensuring special attention is given to your request and your busy schedule by keeping the process smooth and hassle-free.


Credit Services

When ordinary means of borrowing don't fit your unique cash flow needs, Kish Bank has a solution.

  • CashFlow LeaseTM—
Many businesses today use leasing instead of paying cash or obtaining a loan to finance large purchases, especially for equipment or vehicles that depreciate in value quickly. Through CashFlow Lease, we can provide competitive equipment lease financing for up to 100% of the cost of the equipment, as well as arrange for a reasonable fixed payment during the term of the lease.

  • Business Manager©
—Business Manager is a complete system designed to improve the cash flow of small to medium-sized businesses. The program allows participants to get cash for their receivables on a daily basis by selling the receivables to Kish Bank at a discounted rate, which is particularly helpful to customers who do not want to wait to collect on their outstanding invoices. Business Manager customers get easy access to working capital which can assist them in taking early payment discounts on their bills, meeting payroll obligations, and maintaining liquidity.


Letters of Credit

You may find a letter of credit to be especially helpful to running your business if you need to guarantee a payment to a supplier.


Business Credit Cards

We offer a variety of business credit cards to meet your needs. Our business credit cards help you separate your business and personal expenses while you enjoy:

  • Free 24/7 online access for managing your account. Your authorized company representative can view transaction activity and history, pay your bill, set up your alerts and more.

  • Free management reports to help you track expenses, monitor your spending, spot tax deductions, prepare your tax filings, and forecast expenses more easily.

  • Cash flow management with the flexibility to cover the cost of supplies, equipment, travel, and more.

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Please see the Summary of Credit Terms provided at time of application for important information on rates, fees, costs, conditions, and limitations.


You must pay your entire statement balance (including all promotional purchase and balance transfer balances) by the due date each month to avoid being charged interest on new purchases from the date those purchases are made, unless your new purchases are subject to a 0% interest rate.


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